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3 agosto, 2018

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>SNEAK WEEK S01E13 (03/08/2018)
>The World Design of Metroid 1 and Zero Mission | Boss Keys (31/07/2018, video, english, @britishgaming, tags: Metroid, Nintendo)
>But You, You Will be Worse (12/08/2018, text, spanish, @thebedisburning, tags: DOOM, idsoftware)
>Battlefield Developer’s Unreleased Sega Mega Drive Game Is Coming Out After 25 Years (17/08/2018, text, english, @motherboard, tags: retro, preservation, DICE)
>The Game Changers: meet the creatives shaking up the gaming world (19/08/2018, text, english, @theguardian, tags: indie games, developers)
>Making Games Better for Gamers with Colourblindness & Low Vision | Designing for Disability (22/08/2018, video, english, @britishgaming, tags: inclusivity, design)
>The Sims Doesn’t Allow Teen Pregnancy, But Players Keep Making It Happen (29/08/2018, text, english, @kotaku, tags: The Sims, society)
>Shenmue; Inmersion (30/08/2018, text, english, @hokinoto, tags: Shenmue, Sega)
>How Ubisoft plans an E3 conference (30/08/2018, video, english, @bratterz, tags: Ubisoft, E3)
>Guns, Gorillas, Gaming (30/08/2018, video, english, @raycevick, licensed tags: products, Peter Jackson’s King Kong)
>El fracaso de los videojuegos experimentales (30/08/2018, text, spanish, @meristation, tags: indie, experimental games)
>Scam Key Requests on Steam: Who Hides Behind Fake Emails (31/08/2018, text, english, @gamasutra, tags: indie dev, key reselling)
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